Another Day

In Family on June 20, 2007 at 1:30 pm

(Originally posted on Grace’s blog)
You goofy little girl! I love the last pic on here – I asked you to stick your tongue out and this is what I got! I added a picture of you blowing bubbles. You and your sister both love to do this and thankfully we have a bubble bucket with 4 wands so there usually isn’t too much fighting. This is the first day that the 2 of you actually went into the pool for a little bit. The water was still a little cold but it has been unseasonably warm out so you didn’t mind too much. But it rained the other night so now we have to use the filter on it this weekend.

We are not going to follow our normal Saturday routine tomorrow. Hopefully you won’t be too upset. Normally every Saturday in summer we get up, go out for breakfast, and then go to some rummage sales. We have decided that tomorrow we will still go out to eat but then we are going to take a walk down to the Farmer’s Market. I don’t know what is in season yet but we will find out.
You were up at 5:15 this morning and have only left the couch to eat breakfast, which you hardly ate anything. That seems to go in spurts for you too – unless it is something that you really love. The other night I made ring bologna and I swear you at more than I did. Cheesy eggs is the same thing, or ham. You just love this stuff.
You are such a little lady and I can’t believe how independent you are. I know that this is a good thing but wish you needed me more sometimes. You are waiting for tomorrow also because I told you you could ride your bike around the block when daddy was home. You don’t forget anything so there will be no getting out of that one. I love you sweetie!

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