Hi Roni!

In Family on June 20, 2007 at 1:28 pm

(Originally posted on Grace’s blog)

Hi Roni,

You and Ella are both taking your naps right now. You fell asleep on the way home from our visit from Nana and Papa. We had a really nice time there and are going to try and get there once a week. Our weekends are pretty hectic so sometimes it gets hard to get there then. Actually I like this better because we are the only ones there and we don’t have to fight to get their attention.

We brought Nana some of her all time favorites – peanut butter cookies. You and Ella wanted to eat a bunch of them even though we have a TON of them here at home. Nana and Papa would never say no to either of you – they get such a kick out of you guys.

We don’t have any plans for tonight, but maybe the pool will be warm enough for you and Ella to go in it today. We’ll have to see after Daddy gets home. Otherwise we will just go hang out and play in the sandbox and blow bubbles – two of your all time favorites. You also started to pedal your bike finally so you really get a kick out of hopping on it and pedaling away. You are both getting so big, but I seem to notice it more with you, probably because you are just a little more independent. I know Ella will be like that in a year and even though it is wonderful to watch you grow and not depend on me, sometimes I wish you depended on me just a little more. I love you little one and will write soon!



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