Another Day

In Family on June 21, 2007 at 1:26 pm

(Originally posted on Ellas’ blog)
Hi Beanie,

I had to add these pictures – they were taken a few days ago. We decided to go outside and go in our new swimming pool for the first time. You started off in your Nemo suit which is so cute on you (see first pic). You are such a photogenic little girl – I was going to say baby but you aren’t a baby anymore. You are truly a little girl and are quite possibly the most loving little girl in the world. Your new favorite thing to do is to pretend to sneeze. Now I have to pretend to sneeze as well and then you wipe my nose with your blanket. You constantly cuddle with me and daddy, and then pat our back and say “I missed you or I love you”. You obviously can also be sassy but for the most part you just want to give love.

You also love to burp and fart (wonder where you get that from)! When you do either you say “that’s nasty, and awful, and gross”. You really crack me up. You may notice that in the pictures above you start out in the Nemo suit and ended up in the flourescent green striped suit. That is because every time I put you in a swimming suit you decide that is the time to poop. Go figure.

Michelle and the boys stopped for a visit last night and Mitchell gets such a kick out of you. He said that we should video you for America’s Funniest Home videos. You will be excited today too because today is the day that all of the trucks come – the Pepsi truck, 7Up truck, and all of the beer trucks. You love trucks. Last night when we went for our walk one of the semis that was driving by even honked their horn for us. Well, I have to go and write to “Hanna” now (what you sometimes call Grace). I love you little one, and promise to take more pictures and write more soon.



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