Down to the lake we go

In Family on June 25, 2007 at 1:24 pm

(Originally posted on Grace’s blog)
Hi Roni,

We had such a fun day yesterday! It was our 8th wedding anniversary and since we were going to have a pretty busy week, and have Andy all weekend we decided to do something yesterday as a family. It was a pretty hot and humid day so we thought we would take you down to the lake. It has been awhile since we have been down there and you don’t really remember it too much.

We took you both to Subway for supper. We don’t usually go here, but because of the weather we wanted something cool to eat. You would eat ham or bologna every day if I let you, so we ordered you and your sister each a kids ham sub, apple slices, and white milk. You initially ate the sandwich in the regular way, but before it was all said and done you had pulled off the ham and the pickles and ate them that way.

After Subway it was off to the beach. We decided to take you guys to the beach in TR because it is MUCH nicer than the one in Manitowoc. So, we put on your suits and away we went. It was a pretty long stretch of beach so you both took off running for the water (see pics). The water was pretty cold, but it was neat because it was shallow for quite a ways and then there was a sandbar that was only up to our ankles. So, I went out first and took some pictures. It took you a little bit before you were willing to come out there because the water was cold, but you finally did. You were having such a good time and then it happened. You decided to take off running in the water and forgot that you were on the sandbar so you started to run to shore and down you went in the water (it wasn’t that deep). Your face and everything went into the water – you only cried a little bit – I think you were just a little scared. But, you didn’t want to stay in the water anymore at that point. So, you and your sister decided to draw in the sand right on the waters edge – you got a kick out of that!

After we were done at the beach we took you over to Neshotah park to play. We try to encourage you and Ella both to go down all the different slides and play on all of the different toys but you REALLY want to go down the curly slide. Unfortunately there was no way for you to climb up to it (there was a ladder but it was for bigger kids). So either daddy or I had to lift you up so you could slide down. Over, and over, and over again. I would have taken pictures but the camera was full from down at the lake.

When we got done at the park it was off for a treat – thanks to Daddy. He wanted to take you both to Dairy Queen to get you some ice cream (eef reef). We weren’t sure what to get you two but I knew that I wasn’t up to trying to clean you both up after eating a cone, so we got 2 banana splits – those are Dad’s favorites. So, we put one in front of you and Daddy and Ella started to share one. You ate a decent amount, but really just wanted the fruit and a little bit of ice cream. You just love fruit. Your sister on the other hand ate quite a bit of ice cream AND fruit. Daddy finished what you two didn’t eat but there wasn’t that much left.

Today is really hot again, so we did go outside this morning but that might be it for the day. It is supposed to be a high near 90 with high humidity so we will probably just hang out inside today, unless we go out in the pool for a little bit. I promise to write more soon little one. I love you supery, dupery, much!

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