A Day at the Beach

In Family on June 26, 2007 at 1:21 pm

(Originally posted on Ella’s blog)
Hi Beanie,

Yesterday was our 8th wedding anniversary and because we were going to have a pretty busy week and were going to have Andy all weekend we decided to have a “fun” day with you and your sister.
We started out by taking you to Subway for supper. We don’t normally go there but it was pretty warm yesterday and we thought you might like a nice sub sandwich. You really did, we got you a ham sub, apple slices, and milk. You and Grace both just love to drink out of straws, we just have to make sure that you don’t spill – easier said than done sometimes.
Then we decided to take the two of you to the lake. I don’t know if you have ever been in the lake so it was going to be a new experience. The water was COLD but was pretty shallow and there wasn’t too far to walk out and then there was a sandbar. Once we got in you both had a blast. Unfortunately, at one point you thought you would try running and actually fell into the water, brrrrrrr! Your face didn’t go in though, and after a few tears you were up and running again. You both actually really enjoyed drawing in the sand down by the water because you could really see what you were drawing. I should have taken more pictures of that but the camera was already full at that point.
So, after we took you to take an “outdoor” shower and put a new pullup and outfit on the 2 of you we thought we would take you over to Neshotah park and let you play for a little bit. Both of you get such a kick out of the curly slide but don’t ever really want to play on the other things. I don’t care what you play on, it is just so much fun to watch you both have such a good time. I see the time flying by and that is why I wanted to create this blog because I can add pictures and because I am on the computer every day it is easier for me to write this way.
Our last stop for the night was to Dairy Queen for some ice cream. There was no way I was up for getting you an ice cream cone, there is only so much mess I can deal with in a 2 hour time span. So, we ordered 2 banana splits. This is one of your Dad’s favorites but I don’t really like it. So, we put one in front of Grace and you and Daddy started to share yours. Well, of course Grace only ate a little bit of hers but you ate a lot! Daddy ended up finishing what was left but really there wasn’t that much left. You are getting so tall and really must be going through a growth spurt because you have been eating even more than normal. I love watching how you both change but miss my little baby.
You also have had a terrible temper lately (I don’t know where you get that from, wink). If you have an outfit on that you don’t want to wear you actually throw a temper tantrum. You have taken to kicking and hitting if something doesn’t go your way. I am trying my best to deal with it but I don’t have a lot of patience when you act like this. Grace never went through this stage but it is just one more difference between the two of you.
You still are the sweetest little girl though, when you want to be, and love to give hugs and kisses. You even blew a kiss to Shannon today when she left for work. You do kisses whenever you say goodbye to anyone and you also have taken to saying thank you – like when we left Dairy Queen last night you said thank you. A little lady.
I love you Beans and promise to write more soon!


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