It’s been too long

In Family on July 24, 2007 at 1:19 pm

(Originally posted on Grace’s blog)

Toodle Roni,
Where does the time go? It has been WEEKS since I have written and I apologize. It has been a pretty busy month. For the past 32 years or so Nana and Papa, and now RJ rent a cottage the week of the 4th of July on Wilke Lake. We decided to go out for a few days this year. Well, here’s what happened. We got your suit on and headed down to the pier. Annalise was sitting on the edge of the pier dangling her legs in the water. You sat down next to her but when you tried to dangle your feet in you were to short. When you tried to reach you fell in and went under. The water was pretty shallow but for some reason you didn’t stand up! We got you out of the water and you cried a little.

But, you got over it pretty quick as you can see by this picture. The only bad thing is you wouldn’t go into the water and play after this. You would sit in the innertube, go in the paddleboat, things like that. But you would not go out into the water, and neither would your sister for that matter. But, you were telling everone how you went Ploop, into the water and wasn’t that funny? It’s funny because I don’t think you were really scared….you are a goofy little kid. In fall we are going to sign you and your sister up for swimming at the Y because I want to make sure you both know how to swim.

We still had a good time at the cottage. You played with the kids, loved playing in the tent. You also gathered a rock collection with Dilly’s help. They are still up in your room – I am not too sure what to do with them but I know that I can in no way get rid of them. Uncle Jun also tried to catch a frog for you to bring home, but didn’t have any luck. I swear he would do just about anything for you if you asked him. You sure have him wrapped around your finger!

After the cottage on the 4th, we decided to take you and Beans down to the fireworks. It was a pretty busy day but you both still had so much energy. We walked down and decided to watch them by the library. You were really excited in the very beginning but it got pretty late and you and your sister both asked to go home. It was such a long day and you were both exhausted so home we came. And you both CRASHED!

Other than that, not too much else is new. Bernice is up for 2 1/2 weeks and came over for a fry out on Sunday. I really forgot how much I love her and have really missed her. You were tired and got a little cranky later, but you have really taken to Adam (Attic). Maybe that’s because he brought you candy the last time he came over:)

Well, honey it is time to go for now. I promise not to have it be so long in between times that I write. I love you my little bed piglet (instead of bed hog).



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