Getting so big

In Family on October 9, 2007 at 1:10 pm

(Originally posted on Ella’s blog)
Check you out!! My little model, I don’t think there has ever been a bad picture taken of you and the camera surely does love you. It has been a busy few months and I apologize for not writing sooner. I promise to get better, I know I have said this before but plan on keeping it this time.
Daddy and I had been taking you to the beach and park in TR – the above picture is one of the best pictures I have ever seen – check you out! You have no fear and really enjoy going down the curly slides and splashing around in the water.
We also went to the Milwaukee Zoo for the Herma Heart Center picnic. You and your sister always enjoy this, and you really enjoyed going on Charlie the camel with Daddy. We had perfect weather, it was warm but there was a nice breeze and you both just love looking at all the different animals and going to the petting zoo.
We also decided it was time to take you to Bay Beach – wow you both adored it! It is so reasonable, rides are only 25 cents apiece but your favorite (and Grace’s/Hannah’s) was the train. It always has a pretty long wait but we didn’t mind.
We were shocked because you and Grace also decided that you were old enough to go on the kids rides by yourselves. How big you are both getting! You went on 3 rides by yourselves and would have gone on more if it wasn’t so busy. We will have to go back soon.

We watched Annalise today so you and your sister are both sleeping, that is a good thing because we have Family Fun Night tonight at the library. We have been going every Tuesday for about a month and you both really enjoy it. Every week is something different. We usually end up going to the library twice a week and I would go every day – the library is one of my all time favorite places:) I hope that you and your sister end up loving books as much as I do.

You also have become quite the singer. You sing just about any song and can count to 13 – wow! Your favorite show is Lazytown, followed closely by Dragon Tales. My little baby J Lo isn’t so little anymore. I miss those days sometimes but you are such a riot now.

Gotta go little one, but I love you and I WILL write soon.



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