How time flies

In Family on October 9, 2007 at 1:13 pm

(Originally posted on Grace’s blog)
Where does time go? How many times am I going to ask myself this question? It seems like I just wrote to you but once again it has been a few months. I apologize for this, it seems like you and you sister are keeping me busier than normal lately – not complaining though , you both crack me up!

We have had a busy couple of months. As you can see by this picture we had a blast at the Herma Heart Center picnic at the Milwaukee Zoo. It is something that we always look forward to every year. Next year we are going to try and get there a little earlier so we may actually have the chance to meet some other families. Because you and your sister are getting older and cooperate more (for the most part) this may actually happen.
We also took you to Bay Beach – wow what fun the two of you had. We are so lucky to have something like this so close for you to go to. Most rides there are still just 25 cents – unbelievable. You both really enjoyed going on the train, and much to our surprise you also went on a few rides yourselves. Our little girls sure aren’t little anymore – becoming little ladies:)
We also went to the New Zoo in Suamico for their family day. As you can see you were having fun playing with the games they had there. We had to battle the wasps a little but you enjoyed it for the most part. Hard to get you away from the Carousel, but we finally did.
It was nice because they had free snacks and hot dogs and you always love looking at all the animals, especially the monkeys.
Annalise just left, you play so hard when she is here and you and your sister are both asleep – that is good because we have Family Fun Night tonight at the library. We have been going to this every Tuesday for about a month and you both just love it! And, we end up going to the library at least twice a week, you and Ella both love it. That is fine with me, I don’t love anyplace more than the library and would gladly go there every day with you. There is something so magical about books and I hope both of you find the love for them that I have.
You also have told me that Dragon Tales and Caillou are your new favorite shows – besides anything Princess. You and Ella love to watch The Goodnight Show and can sing most of the songs to the shows that they have on there from Sagwa, to Kipper, to Jakers. My little one, I love you and can’t believe what an amazing little girl you are turning into.
I have to go for now but really promise that I will write more soon – it may be only a few sentences but I want you to know that I am thinking of you.
Love you Roni!

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