Oh my 4 year old

In Family on January 7, 2008 at 12:23 pm

(Originally posted on a blog I was keeping for Grace)

Well darling girl, you are now 4. Of course we had to get you a Princess cake – you and your sister both just adore all of the princesses and I couldn’t disappoint you, after last years fiasco with Sportacus (thanks Bad Uncle). The cake was expensive, but worth it to see the look on your face:)

You had a good birthday, and got lots of presents. You especially look forward to Elizabeth coming over, there is something about her that you and Beans just can’t get over. Don’t get me wrong – your dad and I used to call her
the world’s most perfect child, before you and your sister were born. You ask almost every day if she is coming over, or if we are going over there, it is so cute. After the party was over it was off to the library, and then out to Chinese which is your FAVORITE!!! As long as they have shrimp and stuffed mushrooms, you are game to go anywhere:)

You have been a little on the sassy side lately. I think it is just a combination of age, and the weather. We can’t really go outside and do anything because it is so damp and wet outside, so the 3 of us are cooped up most of the time.
The only time we ever really get out of the house lately is to go grocery shopping or to the library. We will have Annalise for the next 3 weeks so that will help with the boredom a little bit. At least that is what I am hoping.

Here is a picture of you and me – you are holding your Princess mirror, one of the many Princess things we now have in the house. Sleeping Beauty is your favorite, but you really love all of them. You are such a little girly-girl and I love you for it. From the earrings, to the hair do-dads, to the tights, dress shoes, etc… we literally could throw away all of your pants because you hardly ever wear them. That’s ok – a lot of parents wish they had girls like you and Ella, but there could only ever be one Grace Elizabeth. I love you sweetheart and even though you always tell me you will always cuddle with me I know those days will end. Just know that I will cuddle you whenever you ask, no matter how old you get.



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