Just Because

In Family on January 26, 2008 at 12:20 pm

(Originally posted on a blog I was keeping for Grace)

Hi darling,

I haven’t been feeling so well lately and thought maybe I should write to you again. You and your sister both are sick – double ear infections. You are such a good girl though, and take your medicine no problem. Even if it doesn’t taste good.

I felt so bad because I had to send you over by Auntie Hailee 3 days this past week. On Monday I ended up in the ER, Tuesday I just didn’t have the energy to take care of you, and on Wednesday I had to go and have a CT scan done. They have noticed that I have a Prolonged QT, and also have a cyst on my liver, a dilated bile duct, and swollen lymph nodes. I am waiting to talk to the doctor on Monday but have been worrying. One of the things I worry about the most is if it is something serious and I don’t get to see you and Ella grow up. I am hopeful that it isn’t anything to worry about, but it still makes you think.

I know that even if you had to grow up without me you would be fine, but I just love you so much and want to make sure that I get to see you grow and change into a wonderful lady! You change so much every day and there are times when I really think that I don’t spend enough time with you. You love to cuddle, hug, kiss, all the things I want you to do. Your new favorite word is hideous and you use it ALL THE TIME!! You sing songs and put hideous in front of some of the words – it is pretty funny.

You have also taken to calling yourself Rhymee pants – you rhyme words, or at least you think you do. You will say Beans, and Beans…that rhymes. While you aren’t wrong, it is funny how you come up with these things. I promise to write more but no matter what always know that I love you more than anything, and you and your sister make my life complete. I would be lost without you:)

My love to you always!



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