A Good Start to Sunday

In Pump up Your Book Promotion, sunday salon on April 13, 2008 at 10:55 am

My dear friend Dorothy at Pump Up Your Book Promotion has honored me by featuring my blog on Cool Book Blog – what an honor this was.  And I thought it was a perfect way for me to start my Sunday Salon entry – thanks again Dorothy!

Speaking of Pump Up Your Book Promotion, I will have a full load of books to review for them coming up in the next month and a half.  The books and dates they will be reviewed are:

April 23 – Lost Souls by Lisa Jackson

May 7 – The Pink Forest: A Woman’s Intimate Confessions by Dana Dorfman

May 8 – Letters of Love from China by Bonnie Cuzzolino

May 12 – Behold Your Mother by Heidi Hess-Saxton

May 14 – West Across the Board by Andrew J. Jalbert

May 16 – Janeology by Karen Harrington

May 20 – Checkmate by Jean Hackensmith

May 26 – Embittered Justice by Michaela Riley

May 27 – When a Man Loves A Woman

June 5 – One Foot Outside the Door

I am so excited about getting all of these wonderful books!  I also recently won two contests, yes TWO!!!  I won the book Winter Haven by Athol Dickinson and an autographed copy of Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder.  So, all in all it has been an excellent week for books:)

I have just finished Lost Souls and it was really excellent – I have found a new author whose books will definitely be added to my TBR pile.  I have such a stack here I am not sure what to read next…we’ll just have to wait and see.

Hope you all have a great Sunday and thanks again for visiting!


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