Look at you now!

In Family on May 1, 2008 at 12:15 pm

(Originally posted on a blog I was keeping for Grace)

My little Roni.

Yet again, a lot of time has passed. I really have no excuse for this – we are busy and I have had a rough year with illness, but still. Time goes so fast and I don’t want to forget anything. As you can see by the picture above we have a new addition to the house. His name is Nash and he is a Newfoundland puppy that we have had for a few months now. He is 4 months old and is really a good dog – also one of your best friends. We actually have to holler at you sometimes to STOP playing with him. As funny as that sounds, it’s true. Sometimes he just wants to rest but you want to play, play, play:)

This picture really sums you up, my little goofball! You have taken to coming to bed with me every night, again! You really need to start sleeping in your own bed, but there is something so special about snuggling with you at night. We talk a little and then you tell me to roll over so we can sleep back to back. You are my sweet little cuddler!

You have had kind of a naughty streak lately. Not sure what this is all about, but I think some of it might be the age. We haven’t been able to get outside too much either, it has been a long hard winter and we have gotten to the park a few times. I did sign you and Ella up for dance class this morning and that starts in June. It is called Tot Tappers and you can go together every Tuesday and Thursday. We’ll see how that goes, but I want you to experience some of these things.

We have talked about going to school in Fall. I know that you don’t really understand, but that’s ok because I understand for the both of us. It seems like you were just born and now pre-K is looming in our future. Where does the time go, little on?

I have to run now, and I know I say this all the time but I do promise to write very soon. I love you little Roni!


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