Sunday Salon & Weekly Geek all rolled into one

In sunday salon, weekly geeks on May 4, 2008 at 2:12 am

It’s been a busy week here, but I only got one book and review finished – Janeology by Karen Harrington.  I have been busy trying to organize my books and have made some progress, but am still looking for the best way to keep track of them online.  Any suggestions?  I hate flipping back and forth through the multiple sites that I frequent and don’t want to have to enter these in multiple places.

I am currently reading Checkmate by Jean Hackensmith and so far it is quite good.  I am about 100 pages in and since I seem to be suffering from insomnia today, I will pick it up again as soon as I am done with this entry, will probably get this done before the rest of the family is awake.

I also have a LOT of cooking yet to do today.  I am going to be doing Once A Month Cooking again – I purchased 6 weeks worth of dinners (and a few other odds and ends) for just under $240 and have already cooked and frozen some of the meals (view my blog Recipease for more info – will keep updating it with recipes and such).

We did go shopping to the Fox River Mall yesterday, and I didn’t buy a book!  Instead, I decided to get a fantastic tea infuser and some great loose tea from The Fava Tea Company (view my blog Ritual Madness for more info).  I think I will go and brew a cup of tea now (maybe some Carrot Cake) to drink while I read through some blogs.

This is the second week for Weekly Geeks and I am loving this one!  This week we were asked if we wanted to participate in posting links for other people that have reviewed the same books that we have.  As a book reviewer, I think that this one is so fantastic!  What better way to offer your blog readers a chance to read some different viewpoints?  I know that there are books that I wasn’t thrilled with that other people absolutely LOVE!  So this one is a real winner!  I just hope it isn’t too hard to figure out how to do, lol!

If you notice any books that I have read and reviewed and you have as well, for now just send me a link to your review and I will post it on the bottom of mine.  I may incorporate a Mr. Linky for this in the very near future though:)

Hope you all have a great Sunday, and will be stopping by some of you later to say hi!  Take care!

  1. Another loose leaf tea fan. Welcome! I don’t know the company you mention, but I’m off to your other blog now to visit them. I’d go for an accompanying scone with jam and cream myself, but carrot cake is good too.

  2. I am a fan of Library Thing, very addicting site. I have tried Great Reads and did not like the way the site was set up. LT is great for entering books, reading reviews and for meeting new people with similar interests. The last few books that I read were actually recommendations from LT members. GOod luck!

  3. I used Excel for keeping track of my TBR books for years, still do in fact. Any books that come in the house go straight on the list so it’s relatively easy to keep up. I now also use LibraryThing where I’ve entered just about every book I own. I’ve tried some of the other cataloging sites, but they didn’t meet my needs the way LibraryThing. I have friends who swear by Shelfari and others by GoodReads. I guess it depends on what you are looking for from a cataloging site , if in fact you want to go that route at all. I wish you luck, whatever you decide!

  4. I actually use Library Thing and Shelfari. I use Shelfari to catalog all my books and Library Thing to keep track of what I have read.

    Recently there was some site that talked about all the book sites and I was eager to read it to see if there was some secret to which one was best. It was very unenlightening. Like other posters have said, I guess it just depends on what you like.

  5. Hi! Here via Weekly Geeks. 🙂 I’m not sure if you’ve reviewed all of the books you’ve read this year, but here are my reviews for those books: Mistress of the Revolution (, Kiss Me, I’m Single (, and Twilight ( I hope you stop by my blogs to leave your links as well!

  6. I love loose tea, too, and I’ve been to that mall!

    Once a month cooking sounds so organized and frugal and smart. Do you need a separate huge freezer?

  7. I use Excel as well. I did start using Library Thing but seem to have trouble keeping up with it. My excel spreadsheets tell me just about everything I need to know so I am sticking with that for now.

  8. Where can I find a link to your Recipease blog? I love the idea of cooking for a month and freezing the meals but I’m not sure how to go about it.. do you cook first then freeze, or assemble, freeze, then cook? I’m confused about it and was hoping to clear it up by looking at your blog!

  9. Hey, your blog didn’t look like this before did it?! It seems we don’t have any book reviews in common but I hope you know that I’ve already linked many of your reviews here:

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