Letter of Love from China by Bonnie Cuzzolino

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ISBN 1-4243-0236-6

For children ages 4-8

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This book hit me in a way that was unexpected.  I am not an adoptive parent, but my best friend was adopted and I was with her when she found out (her parents didn’t tell her right away, which devastated her).  I can’t imagine what some of these mothers must feel when they wrap their little newborn up for their last goodbye.  I know that somewhere in their hearts they know that they are doing the right thing by giving their child the life that they deserve and that won’t be financially possible for their biological parents.  But it must just about tear your heart in two.

On the other side are the parents that are looking to adopt.  How wonderful that these women realize that they can’t offer their children the life they believe they should have and make the ultimate sacrifice by putting them in anothers care.  I can just imagine the feeling that must overcome these new parents when they lay eyes on their new child/children..your heart must be just about ready to burst with the love that is inside waiting to start your new life together.

This book is great for any parent, but is truly essential for anyone that is thinking about adopting or has adopted.

Beautifully illustrated by Jax Bennett

About the Author:

 Award winning author Bonnie Cuzzolino and her family live in New Jersey.  Bonnie and her husband Ray are the parents to a beautiful daughter adopted from Hubei, China in November of 2001 at 12 months old.  She and her husband are now waiting for a referral for their second daughter from China through Holt International Children’s Services.  Bonnie has had a lifelong passion to write children’s books.  This book is her first and is dedicated to her daughter, Jillian Mei.

I believe that we are given the gift from God to love.  For some peopl there are circumstances in their lives that interfere with this ability.

Our daughter’s birth mom chose to leave her in a place that she could be found quickly and cared for, in a bamboo basket, wrapped warmly in blankets with a note of her birthdate and a small amount of money.  A decision that many of China’s birth moms who relinquich their children make.

Thanks to Pump Up Your Book Promotion for the chance to review this book!

  1. Could not agree more. The illustrations are fantastic.

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  3. Thank You to Amateur de Livre’s Weblog
    for such a terrific review of my book.
    Your words are so encouraging.

    Adoption is very dear to my heart.
    I invite everyone to visit my website.

    Bonnie Cuzzolino

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