Emotionless Souls by David S. Grant

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ISBN: 978-1-43484-828-4
100 Pages
Brown Paper Publishing –
To purchase, click here.

Excerpt from the back of the book:

Disaffected tourists idle through the streets and bars of Paris and Dublin.  Office workers suspect each other of stealing cocaine at the Christmas party.  Human Rewousrce officers interview the stripper they frequent for a position in the firm (at least they think it’s that stripper).  Pickpockets get pickpocketed.  Nobodies stage emergencies to come save the day.  Mediocre porn stars murder their co-stars to increase DVD rentals.  Executives drop Ecstasy during the board meeting and realizes their affection for the touch of their supervisor’s shirt.  Comics drop shrooms into the restaurant’s sauce to get laughs from even the roughest of Monday night crowds.

 There were a few stories in here that I didn’t care for, but for the most part they all were pretty intriguing.  I LOVED the fact that they all were short (running on average 3 pages), writing a short story and holding your readers attention is not an easy thing to do.  I also enjoyed the fact that all of the stories focused on aspects of the “real” world that we all can relate to.  If asked to pick a favorite, I would probably have to go with Homeless CEO, a story of a homeless man who find a way to enrich the lives of pedestrians passing by.  He is eventually offered a partnership, does well, makes money, but just as quickly loses it all and ends up back on the streets where he started.  Thus is the world of business, cut-throat and a neverending spiral.  This is my first book by this author but I would like to read his some of his others, including Corporate Porn and The Last Breakfast.

About the author:

David S. Grant is the author of Corporate Porn, written in 2005 and published by Silverthought Press in 2006.  David’s first novel Bleach and sequel titled Blackout are now available through Offense Mechanisms, and imprint of Silverthought Press in 2008.  Also, newly published in 2008 the novel The Last Breakfast and short story collection Emotionless Souls through Brown Paper Publishing.  David lives and works in New York City.

This book was another from the great ladies at Pump Up Your Book Promotion – have I said thank you lately?


  1. I love to read short stories but don’t do it often because, as you pointed out, it takes a lot of skill to write a good collection. Some well known authors whose novels I loved have attempted it and fell flat. Your review is thoughtful and has me really excited to read this author’s work.

  2. I’m not a fan of the short story, so I think I’ll skip this, although I admit they do sound sorta interesting.

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