When a Man Loves a Woman by LaConnie Taylor-Jones

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  • Paperback: 304 pages
  • Publisher: Genesis Press (April 1, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1585712744
  • ISBN-13: 978-1585712748
  • To purchase, click here.
  •  Excerpt from back of book:

    Nursing administrator Victoria Bennett has soured on love.  She has sworn off men; they bring too much drama and too much pain into her life.  That is, until she meets pediatrician A.J. Baptiste, a single parent who is determined to woo her.  A.J. will stop at nothing to have her, and Victoria finds her resolve put to the test…but is this a fight she really wants to win?

    When Victoria and A.J. Baptiste (Vic and Baptiste) meet for the first time, sparks and words fly.  Sure there is chemistry, right from the very beginning, but they start arguing minutes after meeting, and continue their headstrong stubborn ways every time they encounter each other.  But, underneath all of this arguing, they both feel the heat and the connection, something Baptiste relishes in, and Vic fights tooth and nails to deny and fight.  After being betrayed and heartbroken by her husband, she isn’t willing to let another man, any other man, infiltrate her hard shell and get to the heart she has worked so hard to protect.

    While attending a party, Vic confronts Baptiste about his plans to stop her from relocating to Atlanta.  His goal is to do whatever he can to keep here near, and that means pulling out all of the stops.  As they are arguing, he begs her to let down her walls and let him in.  In a rush of emotion she breaks down and tell him why she has a hard time trusting men, a secret she has kept for over 8 years.  She is so distraught at revealing this information, she rushes out of the house and drives aimlessly, trying to get her thoughts and feelings in check.  She is distracted at a stoplight and is rearended when the light turns green, causing her to be pushed into the intersection and into a motorcycle being driven by none other than Baptiste.  What is she going to do?  And how will she explain this?  With a hit-and-run accident and drug dealing adding to the plot, there is enough to keep all readers satisfied.

    This is my first book by Ms. Taylor-Jones but will not be my last.  She has such a way of infusing suspense, love, drama and a familial bond you can’t help but being drawn in and wanting to find out more.  Great work! 

    About the author:

    LaConnie Taylor-Jones holds advanced degrees in community public health and has written for several scientific research publications for the past fifteen years.  An active member of the San Francisco Area chapter of RWA since 2003, Ms. Taylor-Jones has combined her writing skills with a twenty-five year passion for reading romance in the completion of her first full-length multicultural contemporary romance novel, When I’m With You.

    Once again, thanks to Pump Up Your Book Promotion for the chance to read and review another winner!

    1. LaConnie’s work is very popular. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

      Thanks for the great review!


    2. Your summary makes it sound interesting. I’ve never heard of Taylor-Jones before either, but I’ll have to check her out.

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