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First Day of School

In Family on September 1, 2010 at 11:36 am

Well, I really wish that this picture was more clear, but I must have had the camera set wrong…it figures. This is a picture of my girls (Grace who is 6 on the left, and Ella who is 5 on the right). You will hear me talk about them frequently on here but you will hear me refer to Grace as Mini and Ella as Beans the majority of the time.

The first day of school. Both girls have been in school before, Mini in full day kindergarten last year and Beans in 4K for half a day. But, this is a brand new school and is Kindergarten through 6th grade – weird to see the girls next to the big kids…makes a mom worry but I am sure that they will be ok. They don’t like the parent to walk in with the kids so me and Daddy had to watch them go in, tears streaming down Beans face. I thought that she would be more of a trooper but it is a lot to take in and I am sure that tomorrow will be more of the same. Lack of enough sleep and all.

I also started my hour a day at the school for lunch. It is GREAT to be able to see my girls during their lunch and recess time, and to help them and their friends if needed. It gets me out of the house and is a very small amount of income. Honestly, I’m really doing it to see the girls and make sure that they are doing ok. Alright, I’m a little overprotective, lol!

So, that’s all on this end – maybe I’ll pop back in tomorrow and talk about what transpires…if time allows:) As always, thanks so much for stopping!