Boogie down with the sickness

In Family on February 12, 2011 at 11:31 am

Wow – it seems like no matter what we do we can’t shake the sickness from the house.  I went to the doctor yesterday and got put back on Amoxycillin.  I have a double ear infection, the start of a sinus infection and the flu.  The doctor said that there is an AWFUL strain of this flu going around that includes body aches, fever, chills and sometimes throwing up or diarrhea.  Well, I have the fever, body aches and chills but thankfully the other two have left me alone.

But, this morning Mini got up and had a little cough/throw up of phlegm in the sink.  No big deal, at least that is what I thought.  She’s actually the one that gave this to me I think because she was sick last week Friday with a fever of 102.6.  But, a little while ago she threw up again.  Looks like it might be a LONG weekend.  Now if we can keep Tim and Beans healthy it will be amazing.

Lysol has been sprayed and we’ve gone over the basics of hand washing and all that stuff.  Hopefully this will leave and the rest of us will stay healthy.  After me and both of the girls have pneumonia and Beans having an ear infection and now this (all within the last two months) it is way past time for us to get better.

On a lighter note on Thursday night we had a fantastic meal at Happy Joe’s to help raise money for Mended Little Heart of the Fox Valley.  It is always so nice to get together with other heart families and swap stories.  And the pizza was really very good (we got the taco pizza).  The girls had a lot of fun playing in the game room and now Beans wants to have her birthday there.  We’ll see if that lasts.

Well, off to take care of myself and my family.  Hope you all have a great Saturday!


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