Another great day

In Family on February 27, 2011 at 11:30 am

We had a wonderful day again yesterday…even though we spent a ton of money.  Oh well, easy come easy go.

Our first stop yesterday was WG & R, it seems like we are stopping there every weekend for the past month.  A few weeks ago we ordered a new brown leather couch to go in our family room.  But, the more we looked around the house we realized that we needed a total upgrade.  We have a few nice pieces but our couch and love seat are just not what we want anymore.  They have no stains or tears but we wanted to update to something better.  So, while there yesterday we got a black leather couch for our living room, a love seat with black leather back and blue/gray material (to match my chair that is staying upstairs) and a brown patterned chaise that will complete the family room.  So, now we will have mostly new furniture for our family room and living room.  Unfortunately it is going to be about 3 weeks before this will be delivered, wish it was coming sooner.

We also decided a few weeks back that we were going to upgrade the girls beds.  They each have twin beds now but they are less than comfortable.  So, we have decided to go all out and get them queen beds.  This way if they decide to crawl out of bed in the middle of the night (which has been a common occurrence lately) they will have a big enough bed to lay together, or we will have a nice comfortable bed to lay in with them.  So we headed to Walmart.  We needed to do our grocery shopping anyway and they have some pretty awesome memory foam mattresses there for a reasonable price.  Did the grocery shopping but they had no queen size mattresses.  So, off to the mall.  We really were only going to stop at Target to see what they had but ended up poking around a little bit.  Of course had to hit Gymboree (where I bought some MORE clothes for the girls, but hey, I did earn Gymbucks) and also hit Younkers where we got an awesome set of knives for super cheap because it was a door buster.  But, I was the happiest when the hubby decided to stop at Fred Meyer Jewelers.  He lost a diamond out of his wedding band a while back and stopped wearing it.  To be honest I was never a huge fan of the ring anyway and have been wanting him to get a new one.  It has been a struggle because he never wants to spend the money.  But, we found a beautiful ring yesterday and I convinced him to buy it.  It is stainless steel with rose gold through the middle and a small diamond in the center.  He has never been one for anything flashy so this suited him perfectly.  And I love the way it looks.  I am hoping to find something along the same lines to wear on my right hand but we’ll see.

So, no bed items yet.  We left the mall and headed to Verlo.  We bought bed frames and box springs which will be delivered on Wednesday.  And, I ordered the mattresses and they should be here by Wednesday too.  So, now we just need to get bedding and by Wednesday night we’ll have some new bedroom sets for the girls.  I can’t wait!

Today we have to try and get some MORE things done around the house and the girls have full dress rehearsal for Annie.  They are getting so excited – now we just have to determine who is all coming.  I can’t wait to see how they do, it should be really cute.

And now I will leave you with Beans quote of the day “That was so intensable!”  (she means intense, lol)

Happy Sunday everyone!


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