12 years and a whole lot of fun!

In Family on June 27, 2011 at 11:18 am

What a weekend!  We have missed some Timber Rattlers games due to weather and/or the girls being sick so we decided to trade in some of our unused tickets for Friday night’s game.  The girls were excited because the Zooperstars were going to be there.

These “creatures” scare my sister, Hailee.  There is a monkey one that is named Spanky (it doesn’t belong with this group but is very similar) that travels with Reggie, a purple monster that entertains the crowd a few times a year at the games.  It was at a game she attended and she freaked out…it was funny.  It was a fabulous game – they won in the bottom of the 9th and the girls had a blast as always:)

Fireworks were part of the game at the end which the girls always love.  Lately, Mini has been looking for signs of Nana everywhere we go.  She really misses her and looks to see if she can see her…somewhere, anywhere, it doesn’t matter to her.  One of her favorite “signs” is the most beautiful firework – she always says, “Look Mom, that one is from Nana!”  It totally melts my heart, and puts a smile on my face.  I love the fact that Nana was such an important part of their lives that they try to hold on to every memory they have.  Kind of the reason for having this website.

It was a late night when we got home and we didn’t get to bed until after 11.  We knew that Saturday was going to be another busy day but no one really slept in late.  We got up and got going pretty early.  Saturday’s for us usually involve two things.  The Farmer’s Market and rummage sales.  Not sure what hubby and the girls would do without Mai’s Chicken Wings – their favorite thing at the market (click the link to check these out – they really are something).  We bought some nice fresh strawberries and shell peas, and also some dips from Chics N Dip – another great local seller.  Tons of people milling around as always, but that’s ok – we love it!

After that we decided to hit some rummage sales.  The girls always enjoy doing this with us and now that they have their new purses and allowance they love looking for things to buy.  Found some really cute Paul Frank t-shirts for them and they of course got some new “babies”.  Seeing as how it was our 12th wedding anniversary we decided that we would go out to Red Lobster for lunch.  This is a favorite restaurant for us but one we don’t visit too often as it is pretty pricey.  But, we promised each other that we wouldn’t get anything so thought this was a good way to celebrate.  We decided to order whatever we wanted and had a wonderful lunch with our two little peanuts.  Spending time as a family really can’t be beat.

After we ran home to feed Kodiak and make sure he was all set and off to the game we went.  It was Storybook Princess night and the girls were thrilled because they got to have their picture taken with Snow White and Cinderella.  Unfortunately the T-Rats lost by a run but the girls really get into the game.  They have even started learning the players names and hollering for them when they are up.  But, the biggest surprise of the game was when I saw my name on the big screen – wishing me a Happy Anniversary.  So much for not doing anything for each other, lol!  Tim wanted to do something special and he sure did – one more for him…and one less for me.  Looks like I have some making up to do, now it’s just a matter of what to do that is extra special for him.  Hmmmm… The night ended with fireworks again – a wonderful end to a perfect day.

And yesterday, you guessed it, back to the ballpark.  I had a feeling that we wouldn’t make it for this whole game as the girls were getting pretty worn out but it was a Webkinz giveaway so I knew there was no way we weren’t going at least for a little while.  They each got new baseball caps as well, can you say spoiled?  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Why work if you can’t provide for your family like you want to?  Once again, they were thrilled because they were able to get Reggie Keen’s autograph…and Fang’s.  On the 16th of July they actually have a Pizza Party with the team and will be able to get the rest of the signatures, but they think it is so cool to do it.  We didn’t stay for the whole game, they were warm and I was sunburned (I’ll never learn) but we did have a good time.  Poked around the mall after and then headed home to end the night.  We were all pretty beat but it was such a fabulous weekend I don’t think any of us would have changed a thing.

Now – back to reality…and work.  Hope you all are well!


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