Busy Life

In Uncategorized on January 25, 2012 at 11:14 am

So, as always life has been very busy.  We took Mini down to Wisconsin Dells for her birthday.  It’s always important to do something special for the girls because outside of some phone calls the only thing they get for their birthday is whatever we give them.  Kind of sad but what can you do?  We decided to stay at The Wilderness again because we stayed there last year and had such a good time.  We got one of the birthday packages because she was supposed to get a monkey with an eye patch (monkeys are her favorite) but instead of a monkey she got a parrot that attaches to her arm, Daddy helped her name it Petey.  She also got some other goodies to go along with it and I bought Beans a stuffed tiger so she wouldn’t feel left out.  It is go, go, go when we are there and there was no talking them into going down any of the big slides this year – I think last year scared them a little too much:)  But, we did get them agree to hop on some inner tubes at the wave pool and they really had fun…more fun than I think they thought they would.

Tonight is week 2 of their theater practice for Charlotte’s Web and tomorrow we are heading over to the Valley Academy for the Arts to check out their dance program.  We are also going to look into the Badger State Girl’s Choir for Mini (Beans is too little) and will be signing them up for swimming as well (this through the rec department).  Staying busy is always a good thing and giving the girls these opportunities is extremely important to both of us, they are so special and I want them to be as well rounded as possible.  And with Mini’s limitations when it comes to sports, I try and find things that she will enjoy that also enrich both of their lives.

So, that’s all for now but will be back soon!


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