Rose’s 3rd Birthday Party

In Family on March 20, 2012 at 11:26 am

Yesterday we headed back to our hometown to celebrate Rose’s (my hubby’s granddaughter) 3rd birthday.  It was nice thinking of seeing my mom who we hadn’t seen in a few months and seeing my sister, bro-in-law, nieces, nephew and whoever else might be hanging around.  The one person I certainly was not looking forward to seeing was my hubby’s mother.  And she sure didn’t disappoint me.

There are issues that I won’t go into here, but my hubby has a brother that has done some pretty horrific things.  So horrific that we have nothing to do with him and haven’t for many years.  The girls will NEVER be at a function where he is at.  And, the rest of the family (brothers and his mom) just pretend it didn’t happen, even though something happened to one of them.  It is not an isolated incident and more than one person has come forward but instead of confronting him we will all pretend nothing happened and we will be the outcast because we stand up for it.  For the most part we don’t mind too much but when it is a function like this and she is there it is very hard.  She pretty much ignores us and the girls have no idea who she is.  She can’t separate the fact that we won’t come to functions because of this brother and have a relationship with us and her granddaughters.  At one point she was getting ready to leave and rubbed Mini’s arm, the only contact she had had with her all day.  Mini looked at me confused and said, “Who is that?”  What am I supposed to tell a 7 year old, “That’s the Grandmother that wants nothing to do with us because we are looking out for you and the safety of other kids?”  Instead I told her it was her Dad’s mom and left it at that.  We will be seeing her again on Friday because my stepson is getting married and I am sure she will be there.  Thankfully this time so will my mom and my Nana so the girls will have them to cuddle with.  Pretty sad, not really for them, but she is missing out on so much.  We can’t change it, I just think I won’t be so willing to go to these types of functions if she is going to be there.

Well, off to get supper going but I will be on here more regularly in the future.


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