Just hanging out

In Family on September 14, 2012 at 10:53 pm

So here we are, in Milwaukee.  Just ordered some food but whatever ailment has been plaguing me for the last few weeks is causing some massive heartburn/chest pain (along with ear pressure and throat tightness at times) which is causing my appetite to be minimal.  I sure could stand to lose more than a few pounds, just wish I didn’t have to feel like this to make it happen.

The girls have already been swimming and in the whirlpool, no big surprise there as they are both little fishes.  I’m sure after we are done eating we will be heading back down again.  Then it’s off to get a good nights sleep before the walk/run tomorrow.  It should be a beautiful day and it always feels so good doing something like that, especially when it benefits Children’s Hospital.  I will make sure to take some pictures to post so that you can see at least the girls – Mini’s shirt will be different due to the fact that she is a patient.

Be back soon!


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